My First Post.

December 7, 2016

Hello, my name is Amanda and I’m currently a second year Illustration student at University for the Creative Arts – Farnham (UK)


I’ve set up this blog to post my work, interests and working processes. In the hope of building up more of an online presence.


I’ll begin by uploading some of my previous but fairly recent work and then go on to updating you all on pieces I am currently working on!


Currently, I’m very much into working in black and white however this is definitely not something I restrict myself with. I work in inks, artist’s pens, paint and collage mostly. With the odd splash of my photography and any other creative hobbies I can worm my way into whilst at university. Very rarely will you see a pencil sketch but this is only due to the fact when I use a pencil, I know I can rub it out and I become much more precious with my drawings. (I’m strange I know)


I’m a massive film buff, and ideally sometime after university I would like to work as an illustrator\concept artist for the TV and Film industry.


I’m always interested in learning and researching new things so some of my posts may seem slightly random however I feel the more I know the further I can go!


This is an image from my last project at University where I documented an organisation, it’s people and its events. Drawing from observation is a key part of my working, a lot of my posts will be of sketchbook work. Things I have seen first-hand or have later inspired me to draw.


The best way to contact me is through my email: and please check out my social media pages lined throughout this blog.

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