DAY 11.

January 10, 2017

This is my final image from a two day workshop I have just completed at University. We had to create an Illustration to go along side an article for a Bike Magazine.

My article was about two guys riding through a storm, nearly being hit by lightning.

I really enjoy quick turnover projects, maybe magazines and newspapers are the way to go.


I struggle with longer projects as I tend to over complicate my ideas or not give myself time to look over what I have done. I often skip over my good ideas and drawings and attempt to make something entirely new. I think small turnover projects like this are better for me. Getting ideas together for something with restrictions and a tight deadline seemed to allow me to produce something great, which isn't the first time this sort of thing has happened.


Although I can't apply this to the project I have now as such, I know I need to keep things simple, and play around with colours and textures within that simple design to improve it.


In later projects I aim to work in a way in which I create multiple pieces with a quick turn over, and put them together as a collection or publication in the hope that I overcome some of the difficulties I have at producing a high quality end piece. 



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