The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole.

January 31, 2017

So, this is my final book cover after about four days of changing, rearranging, cropping, colouring.... But I think I am finally happy with it.


The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, is a preteen to adult book. Although in the Penguin Book Cover Awards competition this book is solely aimed at the Children's section, I wanted to take a risk and make something that would appeal visually to both adults and children. This book is hilarious and it would be a shame for any generation to miss out!


The theme is based around the idea of a desk and school life. As well as including the diary it's self as the book is written in diary form.

The spot colour orange has originated from the idea of school exercise books (those awful bright orange things) as well as referencing the classic Penguin Book.

I've tried to be a bit abstract with my idea, using layers of hand drawn graph paper and grey woolly card to reference school/school uniform as most of his life involves his school life.


I'm honestly not sure where this will stand in the competition but hopefully they will understand why I have chosen to portray this book in this way. 

Overall I feel this cover reflects both my 'style' and a more contemporary and interesting way of presenting a hilarious children's book, about an aspiring intellectual boy named Adrian Mole.



All rights reversed to Amanda Perrin 2017.

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