March 15, 2017

In the weeks leading up to my new project, I created a small chapbook/zine in A6 format.

The theme that I chose was 'Voyages' It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to get across, and of course with limited pages and space it needed to be simple and clear.

I first thought of expressing a journey through someones life, which led my thinking about different places in which a person lives, but never really feels quite at home.

From this I thought about what it means to travel through your life. By coincidence, I was listening to Frank Turner's song 'Photosynthesis' and my idea was born.


The song describes, if all you do with your life, is breathe, you aren't really living at all.

I made a simple illustration of a girl falling through her life, with a flower at the bottom. I chose a lily, as

 this is the flower most related to death.

I loosely based the character on myself. I think with projects that I am passionate about, or I can relate to, this tends to happen, but only because I feel connected to it. I think without knowing, a lot of my inspiration comes from me.


I found this project really enjoyable and I particularly like having a shorter time frame. My next project has taken certain aspects from this, but all to be revealed. 

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Amanda Perrin |  |  @_amandadraws