So I haven't posted in awhile...

January 21, 2018

Hello World...

So since last summer I have been so so busy.  I haven't been able to post any work from my latest project, due the client asking for the work to remain away from social media for now... However I can give a bit of an overview of all the work I have created and some of the work I am interested in. But, I shan't be giving everything away just yet...


I am also setting myself the challenge of not only drawing everyday, but every few weeks I want to have completed an editorial brief. Now, these will either be actual briefs for competitions that I will enter, old briefs from other projects I never got the chance to do or, made up ones! By this I mean, taking an article, poem or piece of writing and responding to it with an image. This way, I hope to slowly build up my portfolio of editorial work, and obviously improving my skills as a freelance illustrator.

(Just throwing it out there, I will also be working on my Final Major Project for my last year of university on top of this, yes I'm mad.)


After University it isn't crystal clear to me what my next steps will be. Ideally, I want to be working as a freelance illustrator, creating editorial work for books, magazines, websites, newspapers etc. However, there's all that 'real world' stuff I have to also consider, like passing my driving test, paying rent, buying food, having a studio environment etc. So I am looking for work where my skills can be put to good use, but on the side, I can start a freelance career. Because at the end of it all, as long as I'm doing what makes me happy, what could be better right?


But anyway, I hope you enjoy this snapshot of my work, and I hope to keep creating and posting.









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