Tree Stump

May 2, 2018

Here is an update of my Ceramic Tree Stump - yet to be named.

Stumpy as he is commonly known, was drawn and designed after reading a poem about a lonely, dying tree stump.

This was a really fun project to do alongside my main one and has ended up starring as one of my final images for my publication! It was interesting using a different medium to bring a drawing to life. It has made me consider how, in the future, I can transform my illustrations into something 3D, or be used on a 3D surface.

For now stumpy will be kept safe until I have a garden of my own to plant him in, I think as he is made from terracotta, he will make a glorious flower pot.


The drawing of stumpy for my publication:


His Creation: Stumpy is made from terracotta.

I used my drawings as reference and started to create a tube like shape, slowly adding roots to the bottom to give him a more solid and tree like structure. I began to add holes to make him look like old bark. I then added a bark like texture, by throwing lumps of clay onto a wooden surface, giving him lumps and bumps.

He was then fired. I then covered him in a base layer of white glaze and added colour slips onto top, which sank into the white glaze, softening the colours whilst giving it a shiny finish all over.









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