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September 13, 2018

Hello all,

So a lot and not a lot, has happened recently. I graduated Univeristy (UCA) with a degree in Illustration in June. I exhibited my work at the New Designers show in July, and landed my first full time job working as a Receptionist for the Arts Univeristy Bournemouth (art school perks yasss) but since then, I have basically been chilling out. Because as my tutors, peers and work friends suggested, I needed a rest.


But now, I'm back, ready to kick adult life in the butt. (well hopefully)


So obviously I have still been drawing and doing things but not nearly as often, which has been both irritating and nice to just chill, because although creating is what I love to do, I put literally all of my energy into it, so once I handed all my work in, exhibtied it, networked and got a job sorted for September, I did essentially nothing, which I haven't really done in 4 years. I have watched a lot of Netflix, got some well needed rest, went to Reading Festival, Go Ape and an inflatable water park, lived in the cinema with my partner and in general looked after myself, yay!


Anyway the adult stuff, I have just started my job as a Receptionist and so far so good, and it is great to be back in a creative community. As any starting artist knows, a stable income is super important while you're trying to get yourself out there. I have just managed to within my second week of work to figure out a timetable to continue with my creative life (I use the word life rather than work as, when I'm creating, I aint working, I'm doing what I love n all that jazz, plus it gets confusing.)

I am hoping to enrol in a short course in Special FX in Fantasy creature design and fabrication at the end of the month with AUB, and will continue term to term, to learn new skills and broaden my creative abilites. Working here also means I can talk to creatives both students and teaching staff, use the library and facilities and continue my passion for helping people choose to study a creative subject, as it means so much more than just being good at 'art'. If I have learned anything from my time at UCA is that creative culture allows you to think differently, which these days is pretty important.


Currently, I am working on another submission to the NAPA Flipbook competition, which will be an addition to my first submission 'Stow Away', I hope to make two more following this to have a little collection, featuring my character (me.) I then hope to digitize these to create short animations with help from my good friend Lynda.com

I am also planning every Wednesday to do a day Editorial project, whereby I find some text as a stimulus, and then create a finished Illustration by the end of the day. I do work during the day on Wednesday's (working the Monday - Friday 9-5 life like a real adult) but I thought this would be a good way to shake up what I'm making and keep those quick editorial skills flowing.

And then theres the Admin, I will be sending out postcards and various other things in the hope that


I am commissioned! I am currently able to do quick turn around projects such as character designs, portraits, greetings cards or just general editorial illustration if anyone would like an original Amanda Perrin...

I hope to be keeping up to date with my social media and blogging in the hope to get people interested in what I do, so please share far and wide!






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