Relaunch, Revive, Resurrect.

October 23, 2019


'OMG, That's amazing! Thank you so much, you are so talented' - Zoe Oct 2019


I get a lot of great comments like this, but not on a regular basis. I am constantly being told I am talented and people love my work, yet I am irregularly commissioned and my products don't always sell well. So I have decided that I am going to change this and get more reviews to revive my freelance career. I'm going to start by telling you what I am all about, and what interests and inspires me to make the work that I do!


My name is Amanda Perrin, I am a freelance Illustrator and creator. In my down time I like to focus my attention on all things spooky. I am now not only introducing my work to the world, but relaunching some bigger ideas I wish to explore as a developing artist.


I create drawings, prints, books, small knickknacks (such as felted animals), t-shirts and sculptures (there is always a lot to choose from in my work!)

My creations are usually themed around animals (cats, dogs and owls are a big favourite), nature, witchcraft, strange objects and people, and soon, lots and lots of skulls. My work has been described as spooky and quirky and I think that sums up both my work, and my personality.


My work is often in black and white or, I use limited colour as I personally believe there is more to a black and white image than first meets the eye – it draws you in and leaves you wondering what the narrative might be behind the picture, there are often hidden memories in a black and white photograph – removing some of the information can often lead to eerie thoughts.

I am now trying to turn my creations into objects. This has always been a desire of mine as I strongly believe objects can tell their own narratives and have a much wider, deeper breath of knowledge. An era that celebrated this, and is often an inspiration to my work for its melancholy and eerie connotations, is the Victorian era.




 “It is often debated why objects are collected and arranged either in a museum, gallery or in a domestic environment. Objects collected and arranged in certain settings; such as the household, can reflect the lives of the people that collected them. Not only do objects reflect an individual’s background, history or personality, they can also reveal a great deal about society, class, culture and time periods. 


The Victorian era was a memorable point of British collecting. The higher classes of this era boasted their wealth with the objects they owned. The more exotic, different or foreign the object was, the more desirable. The birth of museums occurred in this era, paving the way for collecting, ordering and displaying objects for the public to experience learn and grow from. Today we still celebrate Victorian culture through these archives and are constantly reminded of how their ideologies shaped modern Britain through the belongings and buildings they left behind.


However, some of the items which were commonly collected are now seen as disturbing, vulgar and morbid. To modern sensibilities there is a certain uncanniness to these objects. For instance, the Victorians had a strange fascination with capturing life through death. The art of taxidermy to preserve, document and showcase the wonders of the world formed an important part of Victorian collections. “ 


This uncanniness is something I want to explore in my work – how objects can inspire, narrate, intrigue and frighten you. They can show both a person’s life and capture the morbid sensibilities of death – in a light that can be seen as beautiful, interesting or just downright strange. I hope to achieve these ideals in my work. I want to capture the life within nature, the darkness within death and the beauty in the space in-between.



My work can be found here on my website, and I also have an Etsy shop (TheMindBoggles) to purchase little objects – all of which tell their own stories (click Shop at the top of the page). If you would like a bespoke item or drawing made, please contact me by email (see below) I am currently open for commission.




In the coming weeks I am hoping to explore the above themes further, launch some new products on my shop, and create some spooky things for you to all enjoy (or maybe be a little cautious of)



Facebook: @amandaperrindraws

Instagram: @_amandadraws

Etsy: TheMindBoggles

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